If I ever become an option, please, don’t choose me!

It’s high time people learn to appreciate others for who they are, be it in relationships, in offices, in matatus or even when basking on the balcony. Am tired of being of the other who seems better, in what I do, when I do it, how I do it, why I do it, aren’t you?

Choices should be made based on full package of a person and not in comparison with another especially when it comes to love. It should be either me or you from the beginning and not us for him to choose from.

I get it, employers will say but we must conduct interviews to get the best. That’s okay, what’s not okay is you sending me away because you think I don’t match my papers and later you call me to show up after you realise your first choice is disappointing.

Seriously, if I become an option don’t choose me, please choose the other.


Trashing negativity, thriving in self confidence.

What happens when they all say that you are a failure, you are a disgrace and they are ashamed of you?

This is the story of Janice (not her real name) a 27 year old self-made entrepreneur from look Embu county. Janice had her firstborn son at the age of 14, months after sitting for her KCPE. This was the beginning of her woes with some relatives and society members.

She barely walked outside her home compound since she was viewed as a lustrous girl who could not close her legs to her baby daddy. “I almost lost myself to these people but I thank God my mum never left my side. May her soul rest in peace. I wish she was here to witness the woman I have become”, said Janice.

She has made it in life for believing that a man is to error and so is a woman . Janice also shares that she did not let her self-esteem be shuttered by the busy bodies who have wasted their whole lives gossiping about others.

Janice owns several beauty shops in Embu, Meru and Kirinyaga counties and she is a loving mother of 2 boys and 1 girl. She is also a loving husband.

” Life will always offer you another chance to better yourself. Make use of it” Janice.